North Charleston police recovers guns during traffic stop, at neighborhood

North Charleston police recovers guns during traffic stop, at neighborhood
Source: NCPD
Deonte L. Stewart (Source: CCDC)
Deonte L. Stewart (Source: CCDC)
Twaun L. Faber (Source: CCDC)
Twaun L. Faber (Source: CCDC)
Gun and drugs recovered during a traffic stop Friday night. (Source: NCPD)
Gun and drugs recovered during a traffic stop Friday night. (Source: NCPD)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Officials with the North Charleston Police Department reported recovering a number of guns on Friday.

The latest incident happened Friday night during a traffic stop on Spruill and Gullah avenues.

According to police, a K-9 officer conducted a traffic stop on a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo for a traffic violation.

Police say during the stop, the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and requested the driver step out of the vehicle.

"During a protective pat down the officer located a handgun on the suspects hip," NCPD officials said."The 9mm Glock Model 17 had one round chambered and 16 in the magazine."

A report states a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed 13 grams of marijuana as well.

Authorities arrested Curtis Quamae Woodfield of North Charleston and charged him with unlawful carry of a handgun and possession of marijuana.

Earlier on Friday, NCPD officials announced that officers recovered two firearms in two hours in the Charleston Farms neighborhood.

Deonte L. Stewart, 24, and Twaun L. Faber, 30, were arrested in the recoveries.

Shortly before noon, officers attempted a traffic stop on a white van for a seatbelt violation when the vehicle pulled into a driveway on Attaway Street in what appeared to be an attempt to elude officers, they say.

Officers made contact with Stewart upon approaching the vehicle.

The officer observed Stewart make furtive movements towards the rear of the front-passenger seat, according to police.

While speaking with Stewart, an officer observed what appeared to be marijuana in plain view on the center console.

Stewart was detained and during a probable cause search of the vehicle, a firearm was located underneath the rear portion of the front passenger seat.

The green plant material was collected and weighed approximately .9 grams and field tested presumptive for THC.

Stewart was provided Miranda and stated that the vehicle and the handgun was his wife's, however, he did state that he knew it was in the vehicle, police say.

Stewart was arrested for Unlawful Carry of a Pistol and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Shortly After 1 p.m., officers were on patrol in the area of Charleston Farms when they observed Faber sitting in his vehicle behind the corner store on Remount Road.

Upon approach, officers observed a scale and small baggies consistent with the packaging of illegal narcotics in the suspect's lap, they say.

Faber was detained and a probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted.

During the search, officers discovered a plastic panel on the side of the center console section of the vehicle that appeared to have been tampered with.

The panel was removed and a gun, 154 doses of MDMA, 2.2 grams of heroin, 7.4 grams of marijuana, and 2.1 grams of cocaine were located in the void behind the panel.  Cash was also located in various locations throughout the vehicle and on Faber.

Faber was arrested for Trafficking MDMA, PWID Heroin, PWID Marijuana, PWID Cocaine, and Possession of a Pistol During the Commission of a Violent Crime.

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