Gas price average in South Carolina low despite new gas tax

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The average gas price in South Carolina is lower than what it's been for most of the year.

It's less than two dollars per gallon.

Last week marked the lowest gas prices average of 2017 in the state at $1.90.

Tomorrow will mark one week since the two cents per gallon gas tax went into effect across South Carolina, though people may not be feeling the impact as much because of the lower prices. The gas tax funds will go towards fixing state roads.

Drivers are noticing the changing prices. Driver Jennifer Burton is happy with what she sees.

"I feel like they've gotten cheaper here recently, but I'm sure they'll probably go up," Burton said.

Driver Dan Finnegan has noticed too.

"It has definitely gone down, it's fluctuated a little bit, anything under $2 a gallon I think people start to travel more," Finnegan said.

South Carolina gas prices for the most part have gone down over the last three months. According to a technology company GasBuddy, the average price in our state is about $1.93 per gallon. The national average is about 33 cents more as of Friday.

Driver Herbert Whiteside says he's been able to save about $15 to $20 on gas.

"When it goes down this time of year everybody gets a chance to travel," Whiteside said.

Last week GasBuddy reported gas prices fell about two cents. So far this week prices are back up two cents. The increase is likely because of the gas tax, but prices are still some of the lowest all year.

"We can actually spend some time traveling and spend a little extra money on other things, rather than just filling your tank up," Burton said.

Finnegan says he's glad to see prices less than $2 a gallon.

"I think that it's helpful planning summer vacation for people, people have medical expenses and people who have tuition coming up in August it all helps," Finnegan said.

Areas where tourists visit the most like downtown Charleston have higher prices, but drivers are hopeful that the lower options are here to stay.

"I'm happy for that reason that everybody would be able to buy it and not complaining because years ago we were complaining about gas, but now we're certainly doing fine," Whiteside said.

Gas stations often change prices based on competition nearby which will also account for daily fluctuations in gas price. Some gas stations still have the same prices they had before the gas tax.

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