TAKE A STAND: Cheer Up the Lonely Day

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Doesn't it sometimes seem like a holiday rolls around every other week? Well, guess what? In our world of Google, you can find a holiday just about every day of the year.

Not major holidays like July 4, Christmas and Thanksgiving: obscure and odd holidays.

Did you know Monday was Pick Blueberries Day?

Tuesday is National Blueberry Muffins Day. I guess that's why we had to pick the blueberries Monday.  Tuesday is also World Population Day. And my favorite, Pecan Pie Day -- or, depending on where you're from, "Pee-can Pie Day."

Who gets to decide these odd holidays? None of us get the day off from work.

One holiday did catch my attention.  Tuesday is also Cheer Up the Lonely Day.  A Harris Poll last year found 72 percent of all American say they experience loneliness, and not just once in a while.

A third say they feel lonely at least once a week. They may be elderly, they may live alone, they may have lost a spouse, a child, or a pet.

Medical experts say loneliness can lead to depression. We all know someone who is lonely.

If they live far away, send them a card or even better, a phone call.

Text or emails don't count. If they're close by, go see them, give them a hug. Take them a slice of Pecan pie.

Doing a small thing to make a lonely person happy is a good thing.

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