Las Vegas woman meets long lost brother in Charleston after viral Facebook post

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A viral Facebook post is the reason a Las Vegas woman was able to find her long lost biological brother in Charleston just days after posting.

They were both born in South Carolina and adopted by separate families.

You might have never known siblings Nicole Belkin and Jason Burnett met each other for the first time on Thursday.

"It was all surreal when she actually got there, it was like nothing else  in the world mattered," Burnett said. "When I saw her I can't describe it."

After years of research and roadblocks trying to find her brother, 29-year-old Belkin posted on Facebook as a last ditch effort to find Jason.

She knew his birth name, that he was two years older than her and that he was taken from their biological mother due to their mother's mental illness after he was born in Lexington South Carolina.

She also had a photo of her biological parents.

"I always wondered why  I didn't look like the rest of my family so I was always curious as to know who do I look like who are my real parents who is my sibling," Elkin said.

Her Facebook post went viral traveling from Las Vegas to Charleston. The post was shared more than 29,000 times.

"Never in a million years I would have thought that this post  would have went that far," Belkin said.

Jason's best friend tagged him on the post on his birthday.

"I legitimately thought it was a birthday prank," Jason said.

Now he sees it as the best birthday gift.

"Me and him grew up totally opposite and I'm like look at us now I wouldn't change it for the world  I absolutely love him," Belkin said.

They say they have the same eyes and hands. Now they're sharing moments together and a message to never give up.

"If you put forth the effort, with God's assistance with time anything is possible," Belkin said.

Elkin will return to Las Vegas on Wednesday.

They are looking to raise funds for travel expenses so they can each meet other's adoptive families who live in different states.

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