DHEC to test water Tuesday after Mt. Pleasant residents' concerns

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant residents are questioning the safety of their drinking water after at-home test kits showed signs of pesticides in the water.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks held a meeting on Monday to address people's concerns, but not everyone was reassured.

Craig Rippley and his family haven't been drinking tap water for three days.

"We have resorted to drinking bottled water," Rippley said.

It's for the same reason so many other Mount Pleasant residents are concerned. A few days ago, people began using home testing kits to test the quality of their water. Many came back positive for pesticides.

"My sons drink this water, I drink this water, my wife drinks this water," Rippley said."I have friends, family, neighbors all drink this water."

If the volume of concerned people wasn't obvious before, it certainly was on Monday.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks organized a public meeting for residents to voice their concerns.

"A whole bunch of very dangerous chemicals could be used in this area and could be getting into the water and aren't being tested for specifically," Rippley said.

The chemicals he's talking about are those found in mosquito spray. That was one of the main concerns residents had. They're also asking for more frequent testing, which the general manager of Mount Pleasant Waterworks says is out of his control.

"EPA and DHEC set the guidelines through the state primary drinking water standards. They set the guidelines for testing and the frequency for testing for pesticides," said Clay Duffie, the general manager of Mount Pleasant Waterworks.

Duffie says Mount Pleasant Waterworks will request more information about pesticides sprayed into the air. MPW will then conduct any tests they deem necessary. But as of Monday, Duffie says residents shouldn't be worried.

"Right now we don't have a problem," Duffie said."And we don't have any reason to believe that we do."

But Rippley is still skeptical.

"They have a lot more testing that needs to be done before I think the citizens of Mount Pleasant can really relax," Rippley said.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control will test the water on Tuesday. Those results are expected to come back by next week.

Two mothers spearheaded the fight to test the town's water after 11 similar cancer cases developed in Mt Pleasant children.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks says they will keep people updated as soon as they get test results back. The company will share the results on their website and social media pages.

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