North Charleston neighborhood fears speeders will kill their kids

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Folks living in a North Charleston neighborhood fear some of their kids will get killed by speeders.

Some residents of Northwood Estates off of Greenridge Road have started a petition drive to get speed bumps installed.

"People just drive through here. It's like it's the Daytona 500," said Andrea Sparks who launched the petition drive. "It's just not safe for the kids to be out here, playing on their bicycles, their scooters, even walking."

Sparks' son says last month he was almost hit by a speeding car while riding his bicycle.

James Sparks says he was stopped at a stop sign when the car approached him.

"I was really scared for my life at that point. I thought I was gonna get hit or something was gonna happen," James Sparks said.

North Charleston deputy police chief Coyle Kinard says his officers have been responding to the complaints.

Kinard says since January his officers have written hundreds of speeding tickets in Northwood estates and nearby neighborhoods.

"There's been several arrests made as well as some warrants served and stuff of that nature. So we're doing what we can to assist people up here with the issues," Kinard said.

Sparks agrees police have been proactive.

There also are signs in the neighborhood warning drivers to watch out for pedestrians, but she says the speeding issue hasn't been resolved.

So she launched a petition drive, hoping to get speed bumps installed on Delhi Road. Sparks says she won't give up for the sake of her kids safety.

"No, they're worth it to me," Sparks said.

The City of North Charleston released the following statement:

Delhi does qualify for speed humps, but there is currently no money appropriated.  To deter speeders, the North Charleston Police Department will continue to engage in speed enforcement.

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