Charleston police warning parents of potential dangers of social media game

Charleston police warning parents of potential dangers of social media game

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Charleston Police Department are warning parents of potential dangers associated with a social media game that involves jumping off buildings and acts of self-mutilation.

According to police, the game is called "Blue Whale" in which an administrator gives participants daily challenges over the course of 50 days.

"We are urging parents and guardians to speak with their children regarding this game, and look for the signs of the game on cellular devices," police said in a statement."Many are saving the photographs in files on the devices and are using such social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram to play."

"Initially, the tasks are simple such as watching horror movies and waking up at unusual hours," CPD officials said.

However, authorities say the tasks slowly escalate and become increasingly dangerous when "participants are instructed to search for high-rise buildings to jump from, distance themselves from friends and family, and commit acts of self-mutilation."

"For instance, participants are instructed to get a knife and cut the shape of a whale (seen as a symbol of a suicidal social media movement) on their wrist or leg," police said.

According to police, the participant is also instructed to document and send proof that each challenge has been carried out.

"At the end of the 50 days, the participant is instructed to commit suicide," CPD officials said.

Participants are potentially threatened by their administrator/curator if they refused to comply with requests, according to police.

"The name Blue Whale is believed to associate with the act carried out by some blue whales, who beach themselves on purpose, causing their own death," police said."The game has been identified operating under several names such as "A Quiet House/A Silent House," "A Sea/A Bunch of Whales," and "Wake Me Up 4.20 AM."

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