Citizen helps deputies arrest suspect after high speed chase

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County deputies say a citizen helped them arrest a suspect who got away after a high speed chase in Lincolnville.

The sheriff's office is crediting Jared Spencer for helping a deputy take down Randy Taylor Wednesday afternoon.

Spencer says the arrest happened at Sonny's gas station in Ladson right after he went to cash his check.

"When I walked outside this guy asked me for a cigarette and I happened to notice the tattoo under his eye," Spencer said.

Spencer was suspicious and he went back inside the gas station.

A clerk contacted the sheriff's office and a deputy showed up.

Suddenly Spencer, the deputy and Taylor were fighting.

"So I went shoulder deep, you know to throw him down and that's when we all fell to the ground," Spencer said.

Spencer says both he and the deputy continued to fight Taylor.

"Started fighting a little bit more. We ended up getting the cuffs on him. I ended up putting the last cuff on him to help the officer out," Spencer said.

Spencer says he feared Taylor would get the upper hand on the deputy.

"I didn't know if he would  have went for his gun or whatever he could do so that's why I decided to step in," he said. "I wasn't worried about it at the time. My adrenaline was going so I just decided to help him."

Taylor is no stranger to police. His rap sheet goes back to 1997 and it's eleven pages long.

His convictions include resisting arrest, failure to stop for blue lights, several probation violations and several arrests for criminal domestic violence.

Spencer says even if he knew about all those prior arrests, he still would have stepped in to help make this latest arrest.

"But now I know it, but I don't worry," Spencer said.

Randy Taylor is being held on more than $21,000 bond on charges of failure to stop for a blue light, reckless driving, driving under suspension and grand larceny.

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