TAKE A STAND: South Carolina Drivers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Anyone who travels I-26 or even Savannah Highway knows sometimes it can be every driver for himself or herself.

It can be nuts out there. But now, some evidence suggests it may not just be the traffic and congestion.

The 2017 Kars 4 Kids Drive Human Survey found when it comes to rude drivers, South Carolina is second in the nation.

Yes, we are number two in America, only behind -- wait for it -- New York.

On our report card, South Carolina drivers get an F for being courteous and a D for how we respond when someone is tailgating. We get a C for using turn signals.

The good news is South Carolina drivers get an A for not speeding up to stop other cars from passing and an A for allowing other vehicles to merge in heavy traffic.

That's a nice driving habit, so how are we rude if we do that?

Come on South Carolina. We can do better.

Surely we can be like the most courteous drivers in America, who happen to live in Idaho.

Let's take a deep breath, and if we take one hand off the wheel to put it out the window, let it be because we're waving hello or saying thank you.

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