Four continuing to recover after Isle of Palms lightning strike

Four people are continuing to recover after being hospitalized from a lightning strike.

It happened on Sunday off Ocean Point Drive in Wild Dunes on Isle of Palms.

The storms on Monday brought thunder and lightning for a second day in a row on Isle of Palms.

And while the beach was deserted today, Sunday was a different story.

"They were walking off the beach, a wooded beach path, back from the beach toward the homes and they were struck by lightning," said Mayor Dick Cronin.

Cronin says in the entire time he's been here there has never been a person struck by lightning until Sunday.

According to the initial emergency call, officials had received reports that eight people had been struck by lightning.

"Eight people is a major, major trauma event," Cronin said.

It turned out only three people were struck by lightning, and a child was hurt after being dropped by the adult holding the child.

Several others were knocked off their feet by the impact.

"Fortunately there were people in the home nearby who could provide some assistance until our personnel and our EMS were on the scene," Cronin said.

Cronin commended the first responders for their quick actions.

"All our personnel were on scene – police, fire, EMS," Cronin said."We sent the whole fleet."

Thankfully everyone will be okay, but Cronin advises,"As a precaution, when you hear thunder take cover. Obviously if you see lightning you should be in cover."

911 Initial calls 

Authorities also released the 911 calls made during the incident.

In one call, a woman can be heard telling emergency operators that people are helping those struck by the lightning on the beach.

"Did the lightning strike the house?" - Operator

"No, I don't know what happened. The storm is going on right now. There's some people down by the beach. There are people carrying people up. So I was just trying to get a hold of someone so we could get someone sent out. We need to have someone here." - Caller

"Okay, did someone get struck by lightning on the beach?" - Operator

"I don't know what happened. There are people down. I didn't see. There's a storm right now. I can't tell you exactly what happened but there are people running out to carry people up from the beach… {To someone else – what happened? Are you okay? I've got 911, what should I tell them?} There's a pregnant woman and they think they've got two kids and they think they got struck by lightning."  - Caller

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