Safety precautions on Lowcountry construction sites

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and growing bigger by the day.

Everywhere you look across the Lowcountry, you see construction happening.

With so much construction happening around Charleston, Live 5 wanted to know what precautions are being taken to ensure no one is hurt from falling equipment.

Specifically, the cranes that fill the skylines in downtown Charleston.

“The crane is secured down to a secure foundation that was structurally engineered especially in this area where winds come through.” said Jackson Thomas, assistant project manager for BL Harbert.
The cranes are designed to go with the wind instead of against it.
It’s put into a free spin which means that as the winds come through it” said Thomas.
Inspections are also done daily to ensure that these huge pieces of equipment are safe, rain or shine.
“The operators do checks every day. We have sheets they go through and do inspections. We also have the company that provides the cranes. They come out and do monthly inspections” said Thomas.
If a storm is close by, those working on site take extra precautions.
If a lightning strike is detected within ten miles, the whole site shuts down and safety precautions are taken.
The cranes however have their own safety feature built in.
“The cranes are also designed to or grounded into the foundation so if they are struck by lightning they are still safe and everything like that” said Thomas.

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