Lowcountry residents head to Folly Beach to beat the heat

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - With a triple digit heat index, the beach is the place to be in Charleston today. Specifically, on Folly beach.

Hundreds of Charleston locals came to enjoy the ocean breeze, but there are also a good amount of tourists here taking advantage of the Lowcountry's beautiful beaches.

Other than complaining about the heat, people also said they had a big problem with the traffic they drove in to get here. Most people told me they were in traffic for 45 minutes to an hour before they finally parked.

Unfortunately, there is one person at the beach who isn't here for a relaxing day by the sea. He's one of the only people who has to work on the beach on a hot day like today.

"I'm a Folly Beach Ocean Life Guard. You know it's definitely more stressful having more people in the water, having to make sure all these people are safe." Megan Enneking said.

It's not one of the easiest jobs on a day with temperatures climbing into the high 90's, but it's certainly a job that's much appreciated.

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