TAKE A STAND: Charlie Gard

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The eyes of the world are on a London hospital where a little baby is fighting for its life.

Charlie Gard is suffering from a rare genetic disorder that has caused brain damage. Charlie's parents are fighting to get him more medical care, but some of the doctors say experimental treatment won't work and will only cause the 11-month old more suffering and say life support should be turned off.

It's a heartbreaking case with heartbreaking decisions, now made worse by reports of death threats against the doctors and hospital staff.

There have also been threats made against Charlie's family.

This case puts his parents' wishes in conflict with the views of doctors treating him and has generated international attention. The threats have made it difficult for other families who have children at that hospital.

Whatever the strong emotions are in this case, there can be no excuse for that kind of behavior.

Charlie, his family, the doctors and staff and the other families deserve their privacy and their dignity.

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