SCDOT working to figure out how netting fell from Don Holt

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It has been nearly a week since netting fell from the Don Holt Bridge.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is working to figure out exactly what caused the paint containment system to fail.

The Don Holt Bridge now looks very different from a week ago than it does right now. There were tarps and netting hanging over the entire top of the bridge.

But since the incident, crews have been working overnight to take down the tarp and netting.

Hundreds of vehicles drive on the bridge every day, and last Wednesday, those cars and trucks were at a standstill.

Frank Knox has lived in the Charleston area for 25 years and drives the Don Holt Bridge every day.

He saw the tarp the contractors were using while painting the bridge.

"I couldn't believe it," Knox said."It was like wow. I was just speechless."

Vehicles weren't the only things damaged from the tarp falling. It also damaged lights on the bridge.

SCDOT members are working to figure out exactly how that failure happened.

"We review everything," said James Law with SCDOT."We review what went wrong, how it could have been avoided, make sure the contractor followed the contract itself, weather…everything goes into it."

Once the review is complete, they will release a full analysis, including timelines and any corrective actions that are being done.

Meanwhile, Knox says he's not scared and will keep driving the bridge as normal.

"I don't really blame anybody for it, but the weather," Knox said.

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