TAKE A STAND: Don Holt Bridge

TAKE A STAND: Don Holt Bridge

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Last Wednesday is a day Lowcountry commuters won't soon forget.

It ranks right up there with the falling ice that closed the Ravenel Bridge three years ago.  Only this time it was a falling tarp on the Don Holt Bridge.

Tarp, netting and cables fell during a thunderstorm, trapping 12 vehicles underneath. The bridge was shut down for more than 14 hours, creating a traffic nightmare.

To make matters worse, just three days before the accident, 911 callers reported the tarp was flapping in the wind and looked like it might fall.

So far, there's no clear explanation from the Department of Transportation if the tarp was checked or secured.

What we do know is the tarp fell onto traffic.

It's a miracle no one was hurt. I'm no construction expert, but let's use some common sense. Urgent repairs or bridge maintenance that relates to safety should be scheduled when needed.

But should routine projects like painting that require tarps hanging over traffic be scheduled in the summer, during hurricane season and when pop-up thunderstorms with high winds are common?

Schedule those projects in the spring or winter.

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