Citadel grad returns to International Space Station

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, KAZAKHSTAN (WCSC) - One of three astronauts who took off from Kazakhstan Friday morning bound for a mission on the International Space Station is a Citadel graduate.

Randy Bresnik and a Russian cosmonaut and an Italian astronaut were in a rocket that launched shortly before noon.

"We'll go from zero speed on the launch pad to 17,500 miles per hour in just under nine minutes from launch," Bresnik said.

The three will be aboard the station until December.

"We join the crew that's been up there by themselves since June 2," he said. "So they'll be happy to get a couple of extra hands to help do the work, until they leave early September."

Bresnik's first trip to the International Space Station was in 2009.

On his current mission, he will be taking pictures during August's eclipse.

Before the launch, Bresnik tweeted, "Dear Earth, I leave you today for a little while... I will relish the view as I gaze upon you from the night sky."

Bresnik graduated from The Citadel in 1989.

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