Mount Pleasant residents demand more speed humps

Mount Pleasant residents demand more speed humps

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant residents asked for more stop signs and speed humps on their residential roads at a Town of Mount Pleasant meeting on Monday.

Their request comes after the town installed several speed humps on Lansing Drive in the Grove neighborhood.

The humps reduced traffic by up to 19 percent since 2015, according to numbers released by the town's transportation department. Average driving speeds were also reduced by up to six miles per hour.

Many residents at today's meeting say those speed reductions didn't come without a cost.

"All the through traffic now is funneled right through Cliffwood," said David Harrison, a resident on Cliffwood Drive. "Right through the middle of the neighborhood."

Cliffwood Drive is only two streets away from Lansing Drive. Multiple people from Cliffwood were in attendance at Monday's meeting to voice traffic concerns.

"I've lived there for 34 years and you used to see cars every two to three minutes," said Harrison. "Now it's a constant flow of cars."

Numbers released by the town's department of transportation show that most drivers have increased their speeds by about two miles per hour on Cliffwood Drive since the humps were added. The number of cars that use the street has also increased,
but only by about three percent.

Harrison says the numbers aren't indicative of the real problem.

"Even though their numbers don't show it, I mean, every day is more and more cars," said Harrison.

Harrison and many other residents at Monday's meeting made their request clear: they want to see more speed humps on their streets.

We also asked the department of transportation to comment on the shift in traffic. Unfortunately, no one was available to speak with us.

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