Woman accused of attacking mom with bleach, leaving her unattended for days without food

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a Johns Island woman who was supposed to be taking care of her mother, attacked her using bleach and left her unattended and without food for three days.

The Charleston County County Sheriff's Office charged 52-year-old Kelly Anne Adams of Johns Island with exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Adams' arrest stems from an incident on July 19 when deputies responded to a home on Evan Way on Johns Island for a welfare check.

Deputies met with the 71-year-old victim and a man who said he came to check on the victim.

The man said he discovered the victim was without food and her medicine for three days.

According to investigators, it was determined the victim was dependent on Adams, her daughter, for her care.

The victim said that over the July 4 weekend, the suspect began to be physically abusive towards her, and it was during this incident that the suspect knocked her out of her chair onto the floor, threw water on her by filling bowls from the sink, and then poured a large amount of bleach on her head.

The victim said once the suspect poured the bleach on her head, the daughter took hand fulls of bleach and rubbed it on the victim's face; deputies say the victim showed injuries to her chest which she said came from the bleach.

She said as she was lying on the floor, the suspect kicked her in the back.

According to the victim, she had allowed her daughter the use of her debit cards to purchase items for the house.

She said she discovered that the suspect took her credit cards and used them to withrdaw money, and also also coerced her to write checks to the suspect.

In addition, the victim said the suspect stole cash from her pocket book.

According to court records, the victim said at one point the suspect sat by the head of her bed and said she was going to "slit her throat."

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