Former College of Charleston student files lawsuit against fraternity

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A former College of Charleston student has filed a lawsuit against the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity in regards to a reported beating the student endured by fraternity brothers.

The suit filed by the Peper Law Firm alleges that during an initiation party the student was forcefully kicked out.

Following the party, members of the fraternity threatened to kill the student in person and in writing, lawyers say.

According to lawyers, four members broke into the student's house then beat him leaving him unconscious.

The lawsuit said the student had injuries including "a concussion, broken ribs, body contusions, and lacerations to his face, neck and body area."

The suit claims the student was then held captive to prevent him from filing a police report or seeking medical treatment.

Documents show the initiation party was on April 16 of this year.

The suit claims the victim has since withdrew from the College of Charleston and fled to New Jersey following "concern for his safety and ongoing public hatred, ridicule, and shame."

The college released a statement stating the fraternity could not be eligible for reinstatement until Fall of 2019.

The college said the initial incident with the fraternity was reported in February and incidents occurred throughout the semester.

The lawsuit is pressing charges over an incident that happened in April.

The college said an investigation into the Pi Kappa Phi was initiated in May, and was resolved on July 26.

The description said it involved incidents with alcohol, drugs and hazing.

Five fraternities have been closed on the College of Charleston campus since August 2016.

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