Meet the BCSD Superintendent finalists: Dr. Eddie Ingram

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Parents and students were given the opportunity to meet with the third and final candidate for the Berkeley County School District superintendent.

School board members met with him afterward for an interview in executive session.

Dr. Eddie Ingram has been in the educational field for 37 years.

He is currently the superintendent of Darlington Schools in South Carolina.

"I do have a period of experience," Ingram said. "I was a classroom teacher for eleven years, an adjunct professor at six different colleges and universities, I've been a principal at four different principalships, district athletic director, HR (human resources), curriculum and I've been superintendent. So I think I've worn the jersey."

When asked about changes he would make to the district, Dr. Ingram said he has none planned.

He said he believes a common vision should be developed by a team not one person.

"Coming in here like a knight in shining armor saying, 'I'm going to fix this' is not an effective approach. I believe we lead through knowledge and influence not position power," Ingram said.

Dr. Ingram said he believes everyone learns in their own way and that different options should be available for different types of students.

"Provide as many opportunities, avenues, choices as possible for kids to be successful," he said."There's no one pathway to success."

As for what specific opportunities to incorporate into the Berkeley County School District, he said, again, that decision would be a team effort.

"We have to do an assessment of what we have. I have to make sure we know what we're doing, why we're doing it, what results are getting and then we'll have a better idea of what next steps to take," Ingram said.

The BCSD board members have not released an exact date when they will release their decision on who will be the next superintendent.

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