Eye doctors warn of risks eclipse could have on your eyes

. - The safety of your eyes could be at risk with the upcoming solar eclipse, and you could experience permanent damage to your retinas, according to a Charleston ophthalmologist.

"My advice is not to look up there, period," Dr. Robert Peyser with Ashley Eye Center said.

Peyser said you could notice the damage within minutes and there's nothing you can do once the damage is done.

"It'd be pretty sudden, it wouldn't be the following weeks. It'd be that day in minutes. You'd have damage and there's nothing you can do once you have the damage," Peyser said.

He advises to also not look up for long.

"Look five seconds, look away. You want to look again 20 seconds later for a second. I would do that, but I would not keep your eyes on the eclipse for the full two minutes it's going on," Peyser said.

When it comes to what glasses you should wear for the eclipse, some companies have counterfeit glasses.

The American Astronomical Society website has a list of trusted companies that sell certified eclipse glasses.

The AAS website said if you wear glasses not listed on their site, it is taking unnecessary risks and if a supplier isn't listed it means the products could be unsafe.

Ophthalmologists urge you to be safe with not only your glasses, but how long you view the natural occurrence.

"Staring at the sun could do permanent damage for the rest of your life and it's not worth it," Peyser said.

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