Mount Pleasant Police Department collects back to school supplies donations

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Police Department collected school supplies on Friday to donate to local schools.

Several police officers stood outside a Target in Mount Pleasant to encourage shoppers to donate backpacks, notebooks, pencils and other supplies.

"It's great for us to get out in the community and give back and show that public service matters," said Mount Pleasant Police Department's Public Information Officer Chip Googe.

Police officers set the goal of filling two police cruisers to the brim with school supplies.

Many officers believe the success they saw from the event came in part because of the unique goal they set.

"It gives us a visual goal so everybody can see what our goal is," said Mount Pleasant Police Officer Amanda Matos. "And it's also nice for the kids to come out and meet the police officers and see the police cars."

It's nice for the kids, but it's also appreciated by the parents.

"The adults are more than willing and everyone's been gracious with what they've been giving whether it's supplies or even donating cash for us to get stuff for the kids," said Googe. "We have had people thanking us for our service and thanking us for doing this."

But for the police officers, a thank you is hardly necessary.

"This is what we got into law enforcement for," said Googe. "To serve the community, to give back, and so it's great to be able to serve in that role.

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