The Citadel enrolls largest number of female cadets on record

The Citadel enrolls largest number of female cadets on record

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The projected number of women in The Citadel Class of 2021 is up 15% from 2016 making this the largest number of female cadet candidates on record.

2017 marks 21 years since women could attend The Citadel.

This year's class is also the largest and most diverse.

This year also marks another milestone, the first year the daughter of a former The Citadel female cadet will attend the school.

"I'm very proud of her. I begged my son to be the one to attend the Citadel, so when my daughter who is a trained classical ballerina, that threw me through a loop but I'm proud of her," Rosalee Nasso said.

Nasso entered The Citadel in 1997.

"I had three classmates who were female, one of them did not continue to finish the semester so three of us continues to the end and were recognized," said Nasso.

Nasso did not graduate from The Citadel, but did serve in the military for 12 years and is proud her the school has such a high number of women attending.

"I'm so proud of the ladies who come here, and I'm excited that they decided to attend. A lot of women I went to high school with, when their mothers found out I was coming here they were shocked they didn't want their daughters to come have the same experience I had," said Nasso.

Now Nasso has a daughter of her own attending and following in her footsteps.

"I think this has brought us closer already knowing I'm following in her footsteps and I think she should know I look up to her and I'm just happy to carry on what she did," Callista Nasso said.

Callista Nasso said the number of women attending The Citadel this year represents a greater picture.

"They feel they can finally do things they want they to do whether it be more of a male dominated field. And if they want to do something they should be able to do what they want to do," Callista Nasso said. "They shouldn't do things women feel they should be catered towards doing. If they want to do something a man is doing, they can do it too."

The school has seen more women getting involved over the last few years with the first ever female drum major leading the Regimental Band & Pipes last year.

"There's more promotion especially geared towards the females that come to the school. Females deserve more and they should," Logan Miller with The Citadel public affairs NCO said.

"It's really great that more women do want to come. Everything you do in life is going to be scary at first. So you go through with it and it's going to be really rewarding," Callista Nasso said.

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