911: Man threatened to shoot police officer after striking Goose Creek PD car

Source: GCPD
Source: GCPD
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5
Source: GCPD
Source: GCPD

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Police say a man who intentionally struck a Goose Creek police car wouldn't let the police officer out of the vehicle and made gestures as if he was going to shoot the officer.

Ryan Jeffrey Moss, 41, was charged with attempted murder and locked up at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

GCPD officials say the incident happened Saturday afternoon when Moss used his Ford F-150 pickup to strike a parked police car while an officer was inside.

Police say the officer had parked in the rear parking area at Westview Elementary School about 50 yards off Westview Boulevard to work on her in-car computer.

Major John Grainger with Goose Creek police said the incident began when a truck entered the Westview school's property from the St. James Avenue entrance and proceeded in the direction of the elementary school past the parked buses. Grainger said the driver then got out and removed a portion of wooden fencing that separates the bus parking area with the ball-field.

Once back in the truck, the suspect accelerated the pickup rapidly across the ball-field and collided with the driver side of the patrol car, police said.

A police report states that shortly after the crash, the suspect stepped out of his truck and was making gestures at the officer as if "he was going to shoot her."

"He just got out saying he's going to shoot me," the officer could be heard saying in newly released 911 audio recordings.

Witnesses also reported that after Moss got out of the truck, he made multiple hand gestures as if shooting at the patrol car.

In addition, police say the suspect approached the police car and was blocking the door and not allowing the officer to leave her car.

The officer told emergency officials that the suspect may be in possession of a gun.

A responding GCPD officer said he saw Moss inside the suspect's truck smoking a cigarette following the incident. The officer said law enforcement drew their guns and attempted to make contact with Moss.

A report states that after several commands given by the officer and the BCSO deputies, the suspect exited his vehicle and was ordered to put his hands above his head.

The responding officer said after repeating the command several times, the suspect complied. According to a report, Moss told the responding officer he was asleep prior to his arrival and did not know why he was being detained.

"Moss advised the last thing he remembered was being at the fairgrounds, and he did not remember how he arrived at this location," the report stated.

Police said the suspect questioned if the tire tracks in the field located near the crash belong to his truck.

Investigators say Moss later changed his story from not knowing why officers had responded and asked,"Is everyone who is involved in an accident with a cop treated like this?"

The police report states Moss said he was tired from being awake for the past several days, and may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

The officer in the damaged patrol car was transported for medical evaluation. Goose Creek police said she was discharged Saturday evening.

The patrol car was damaged significantly.

The motivation for the act is unknown, police say.  They have no reason to believe there is any familiarity with the officer involved.

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