BCSD parent says bus mishap took child hours to get home, unsure of where he was

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The first day of school for one Berkeley County School District mom turned out to be more stressful than she expected.

"We expect delays so we didn't automatically assume something was wrong we just figured, okay it's just a delay. But it's the first time he's riding the bus by himself what could have happened could he have gotten off at the wrong stop you know the normal thing that runs through your mind when you don't know where your eight-year-old is, where could he be," Erica Myers said.

Myers said her son didn't get off his regular school bus from Cane Bay Elementary School.

"Last year it took about 30 minutes to get from two miles from the elementary school to our house but takes about 30 minutes with all the stops and everything," said Myers.

The mother of three said she expected delays with the first day of school but when it was an hour and a half and her son hadn't come home, she and her husband went to the school try and get an answer.

"No one answered the phone at the school no one answered at the transportation department and my husband went to the schools and got a generic answer, oh yeah well there are delays, so we thought okay it's still delayed and that's when we got worried when we saw the middle school bus coming because the same buses that come from the elementary school go to the middle school so once we saw the middle bus coming we were really worried," Myers said.

She said her son told her that he fell asleep on the bus and was taken to the middle school, not the elementary school he attends.

"I understand there's always delays I'm not blaming the school I'm not upset with the school I just think there should be something in place if there's going to be longer than expected delays," said Myers, "There should be some process in place to notify parents."

The Berkeley County School District said they do have a policy in place, sending this an email Thursday evening:

"We do at times have elementary children that get on the wrong bus or sometimes fall asleep and miss their stops. I can't speak to this exact situation but have asked for information from our transportation director. The drivers always check their buses until they learn all of the children better. If a child is discovered they are either taken immediately home or taken back to the school for a parent to pick up. We use remind.com for parents to sign up to receive alerts. The school also contacts parents when they learn that a child did not exit the bus."

"These issues are typically only encountered during the first few days as children and drivers are becoming familiar with each other. Our number one priority is to ensure the child arrives safely home," the district spokesperson said.

For this case, this mother said she's not upset with the school or the district, just wishes she had known where her son was during that span of two hours.

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