Crowds pack Isle of Palms for total eclipse

Crowds pack Isle of Palms for total eclipse

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - One of the best and clearest views of Monday's total eclipse was on the Isle of Palms where people from all over the country came to the beach for the big event.

There was plenty of excitement on the beach ahead of the eclipse. Atlanta resident Jay Berger said he had a clear expectation.

"To become one with the universe like everyone else," he said.

Before IOP saw totality, there were plenty of people creating entertainment, some in the form of alien targets.

"The aliens, they're coming, aren't they? This is supposed to be the apocalypse," New Jersey resident Ernie Leone said. "This is what we're talking about."

While no aliens landed on the IOP, there were plenty of other exciting things to see.

"In true Charleston fashion the fog and haze cleared out, the storm stayed off. It was an awesome sight," Charleston resident Jennifer Vollmer said.

"I was surprised that it looked like day over there and night over there. It was crazy! It was really surreal," a Pennsylvania resident said.

"I liked it at the end where it was the full moon with the sun around it," Charleston resident Josie Vollmer said.

A good amount of people packed up their things right after the eclipse and left the beach.

Many of them were still stuck in traffic on the Isle Palms Connector hours later just trying to get home.

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