More than 7,000 people expected to fly out of Charleston after witnessing eclipse

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - More than 7,000 people were expected to fly out of Charleston Tuesday after witnessing the eclipse, according to TSA officials.

Officials say that comes out to 450 passengers being screened per hour, a little more than the normal number.

Some folks flew here all the way from California to see the eclipse.

"Actually we planned a little late. It was the only one available but it was the best thing that ever happened, best decision, it was extraordinary," said Cindy Leonard of La Jolla, California.

"My family, we always get together for vacations, so we asked our family where do you want to go on vacation this year and my oldest son said hey, let's see the eclipse," said Mike Chin of Los Angeles.

In a tweet early this morning, airport officials advised fliers to get to the airport 90 minutes to two hours ahead of their departure.

The Natkins family of Irvington, New York drove up from Savannah to see the eclipse.

"My wife said we should make an effort to travel up to Charleston so we'd have 100 percent chance rather than 90 some odd percent and it was well worth it," said J.P. Natkins.

"Fantastic, it was beautiful, it was even more than we expected, we had a really good time," said John Kukk of Naples, Florida.

It appeared all flights were leaving on time.

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