Charleston draws in major business as eclipse crowds stick around

Charleston draws in major business as eclipse crowds stick around. (Source: Live 5 News)
Charleston draws in major business as eclipse crowds stick around. (Source: Live 5 News)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - For just a short time, Monday's afternoon was shrouded in darkness during a breathtaking natural event.

During those moments, it seemed the whole city shut down and looked to the sky.

But most places in Charleston were anything but shutdown.

"Here at the museum has been great for business," said Chris Hauff, the Public Information Officer for Patriot's Point. "Definitely two-fold, maybe even three-fold at times as far as the average visitors we're getting these days."

Hauff says Patriot's Point has been expecting this business for a while.

"We brought in staff to work longer hours to get things where they need to be," said Hauff.

They also had crews working jobs they aren't normally responsible for to accommodate the influx of visitors.

That's an influx Hauff says other industries in Charleston saw as well.

"Everybody you talk to saw a big crowd and it was good for business for them," said Hauff.

Palmetto Carriage Works can attest to that.

"This weekend has been awesome," said Mary Allis Edwards from Palmetto Carriage Works. "We had a great Saturday and a great Sunday."

They also have seen that increase in business last even through Tuesday. It's something they're incredibly thankful for.

"July was kind of on the slower side compared to years past," said Edwards. "But this is definitely… this is great."

Great for their business and great for the city.

"I think the city had a chance to show off how organized we can be and how friendly and welcoming we can be, and they did a great job," said Edwards.

That's a great job the staff at Patriot's Point was also proud to be part of.

"It was a special moment. Hair on your arm sticking up," said Hauff. "We saw history. We got all different people from all ethnicities, all different backgrounds and places really enjoying themselves on a historic warship. It was really fun."

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