CCSD investigating how 5-year old was dropped off at bus stop three miles from home

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is trying to figure out how a 5-year old boy was dropped off at a bus stop about three miles from his home.

Tuesday was the first-time Champion Snowden rode the bus home from school.

Champion is in kindergarten at Ladson Elementary.

His aunt, Telia Snowden, was waiting at the bus stop expecting Champion to step off it.

"He never got off the bus," Snowden said

Snowden questioned the bus driver.

"He walked through the bus and came back to the front of the bus and told me he was not on the bus," Snowden said. "I was shocked. I was scared and I ran home crying."

Snowden says she called officials at Ladson Elementary to find out what went wrong.

"When I called the school they told me he was on the bus and I'm telling them he never got off the bus," Snowden said.

Snowden called her daughter Tenerra and asked her to put Champion's photo and an alert on her Facebook page.

"It's phenomenal, it helped a lot, got as far as like 3,000 shares, it was greatly appreciated," Tenerra said.

It turns out Champion was dropped off nowhere near the correct bus stop. Officials say he was dropped off at a bus stop in Woodside Manor which is about three miles away.

Telia Snowden says a relative who lives in the neighborhood recognized Champion.

He was okay.

The Charleston County School District and Durham Bus Company are investigating.

A spokeswoman for Durham says the driver didn't see Champion's red tag on his backpack that lets the driver know a parent or guardian would pick him up at the bus stop. Spokeswoman Kate Walden says when Champion got off at the wrong bus stop he walked up to a parent and started taking to a parent and he assumed all was well.

CCSD did not have any comment on the matter.

Telia Snowden is thankful her nephew is okay.

He went back to school Wednesday and rode the bus home.

"Yesterday that could have went so many different ways, but I do just thank God and again I thank everybody that went on Facebook, everybody that shared the post or the prayers that went out."

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