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September 21, 1950

Bill Murray

What can you say about this well-known, much-loved actor that hasn't already been said? He's incredibly talented, ornery as all get-out, a die-hard baseball fan (especially of the New York Mets) and, to his legions of fans, possibly the funniest man alive. In a career that's spanned more than three decades, Bill Murray has played everything from a deranged caddie to a Ghostbuster to an aging, jaded screen star. In all those roles, it's his … oh, let's call it his unique sense of humor that's inevitably made him the star of the show, regardless of whether or not he was actually given the leading role. It's impossible to mention Murray's name without noting the many years he spent as part of the mega-award-winning cast of Saturday Night Live, the show that gave him the chance to explore, develop and hilariously demonstrate his varied, versatile talents. Recent years have witnessed a sort of rebirth in films like Lost in Translation, for which Murray received his first Oscar nomination. But what exactly is it about Murray that makes him so eminently watchable, so spontaneously, hysterically funny -- and so downright weird?

Birth Details:
September 21, 1950
Wilmette, Illinois

Murray was born with the Moon in odd, quirky Aquarius, a placement that's astrologically famous for endowing its owners with the urge to fight City Hall (or at least makes its residents look bad). These folks just love to shock and amaze the masses, to break rules just for the heck of it and to expose the inside truth about any institution with gleeful irreverence. But, as Murray so beautifully demonstrates, they often do it with a sense of humor so blunt and outrageous that no one really seems to mind.

Still, it takes more than one planet to make a celebrity's star rise to astronomical heights. In Murray's case, it's the blessing of four planets in earthy, practical, meticulous Virgo that helped him hone his talents to a razor-sharp edge. Mercury, the ruler of communication, is positioned in this detail-oriented sign, a placement that's known for conferring the ability to see every single tree in the forest and to point out exactly what's wrong with it -- which is what a true comedic gift breaks down to.

Without a solid, confident presentation, any sense of humor can be overlooked -- and even viewed as rude or obtrusive. Murray had that covered at birth, however: He arrived with a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn, an astrological combination that amounts to automatic acceptance as the person in charge -- the honorary principal. No matter where he turns up -- or what happens to come out of his mouth -- he carries himself with an uncontested authority that simply says 'I have a right to act this way!'

Thanks to the stellar lineup of his stars, this fantastically funny man won't be leaving the spotlight anytime soon -- and definitely not before he's good and ready.

Birth data source: www.imdb.com

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