South Carolina gas prices spike after Harvey

South Carolina gas prices spike after Harvey
Charleston has the cheapest gas in the 48 contiguous states according to a recent study. (Source: Live 5)

(WCSC) - As Harvey continues to pound the Gulf Coast, South Carolina drivers will most likely be feeling an impact to their wallets.

This storm could be the reason drivers will be paying more at the gas pump over the next few weeks.

The spike in price comes days before a busy road trip weekend for Labor Day. Some people are saying not as many people will be hitting the road over the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

"Some people will go to Greenville, Columbia, visit family and friends," Charleston resident Cliff Carter said.

"It's going to show that some people won't be coming into town and some people aren't going to get to see their families," West Ashley resident Skylar Nielson said,

Oil and gas refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast are temporarily shut down until the area recovers from the what was Hurricane Harvey. Prices will remain high until areas around the oil and gas refineries can recover... and get power restored. This isn't, however, the first time drivers have seen a fluctuation in gas prices.

"They're trying to help out in Houston. I'm sure it will come back," Nielson said.

"I'm hoping that it's temporary- maybe 30 days or so," Carter added.

AAA is reporting gas prices could increase an additional five to 25 cents per gallon over the next several days.

"I think you better fill up now. Prices are rising overnight and now is the time so fill up now and get the best deals," Carter said.

"It affects everyone. It goes around and shows up in everyone's pockets," Nielson said. "No one likes it. It goes around and comes around. Prices go up and down."

AAA also reports these refineries are expected to back online when power is restored so there is no need for drivers to over consume or panic.

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