Hurricane Harvey evacuees find safe haven in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Houston family says Charleston is their safe haven after evacuating from Texas ahead of Hurricane Harvey last Friday.

They are staying with family and plan on heading back home to assess the damage this weekend.

They have an uncertain journey ahead.

Houston resident Zeenethia Hill, her husband and their two daughters age two and 12 had about a 24-hour ride Charleston.

"We were literally running from the rain and you could look back and you could tell all the cars were getting heavier on the parkway," Hill said.

Evacuating ahead of Hurricane Harvey was a quick decision for Hill. She's a military veteran who served in the Army, Navy and Air Force. She knows what can happen during a Hurricane.

"My dad died in Hurricane Hugo this is not something I want to play with," Hill said.

Her father was also a military veteran and was helping others at the time of his death when a tree fell on him.

"All I know is be on the opposite side feels very vulnerable," Hill said.

She doesn't know what awaits her back home.

"What does the living room look like, what does that leather sofa look like, what does all of that look like?  I have no idea, I have no idea what we're going to eat how we're going to eat when we get home because the stores are still closed," Hill said.

Her neighbor sent her a photo and told her a tornado came by where they live. Though their apartment building is still standing they are concerned about the flooding and damage inside.

"With the military, we have a plan we have a SOP (standard operating procedure), we are going to go in there we are going to do this," Hill said. "This, I have no idea what were going to do and I feel lost."

Their family is relying on faith to carry them through, they are asking for your prayers.

They've reached out to people they know in Houston who tell them there is only one highway open that they can travel on to get back home. They will have to first drive to Dallas to get to Houston which will add at least an extra four hours on an 18-hour trip.

Hill was formerly a reservist at Joint Base Charleston.

She wants people to mindful of where they donate for the relief efforts to make sure it's going directly to the people who need assistance.

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