State of SC approves 99-year lease for Patriot's Point development project

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Patriot's Point is home to some of Charleston's greatest pieces of history.

"It really makes Patriots Point a destination," said Patriot's Point Public Information Officer Chris Hauff. "Thank about it. You've got the USS Yorktown right here, you've got the USS Laffy."

And now, there will be a much more.

The state of South Carolina approved a 99-year lease with Charleston developer Michael Bennett. The lease will govern the development of 60-acres of land on Patriot's Point.

Current plans for the area include multiple hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and an amphitheater.

"The development of a grand resort and restaurants and shops really is the next step," said Hauff.

The new deal is going to bring in 3.5 million dollars every single year to Patriots Point. The Patriots Point Development Authority will use that money for the restoration and maintenance of different ships and piers.

"We are looking for the long-term sustainability of the medal of honor museum and the Yorktown and the Laffy," said Mount Pleasant Mayor Linda Page.

Page says the town of Mount Pleasant still has to approve the plans for exactly what and where everything will be built.

"That's the exciting part is supporting the military aspects in our community and that naval museum," said Page.

No official time line has been set for the completion of the project, but Paige it will take several years and will be completed in multiple phases.

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