Shoppers flock to stores for water, gas while keeping eye on Irma

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Shoppers flocked to stores Tuesday for water and gas while keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma.

Folks are not taking any chances.

They are stocking up now.

Everywhere you looked, people were carting out cases of water.

"I thought I'd beat the masses out here to get some water and dog food and just prepare. Not overly worried but I'd rather beat the masses," Renee Bearer said.

It appears lots of other folks had the same idea, to buy as much bottled water as they can.

"I always do everything early so I figured I'd better do it while I can," shopper Beth Shepard said.

"It's going off the shelves very, very quickly and that's kind of why I bought it. I saw it disappearing very, very fast so I went for it," Wayne Delaney said.

One man bought a generator.

He says if the hurricane heads in our direction he will evacuate but he wants the generator for the aftermath.

"I'm sort of preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best," Rommel Boquiren said.

There also were lines of cars all the way out to the street to get gas.

Some folks filled up multiple vehicles and gas cans.

"I'm filling up my vehicles just in case and then if the storm comes this way then I'm gonna be heading up to my Georgia cottage," Willie Freemire said.

Shoppers are hoping that this early run for supplies will just turn out to be a practice run.

"Hopefully we're not gonna need it though but it doesn't matter if I have it," Shepard said. "I'll have it for the next time."

We also checked several of the major grocery store chains.

Officials said they are not experiencing any major shortages of water and are replenishing the shelves as fast as they can.

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