Hurricane hardware in high demand

Hurricane hardware in high demand
Hurricane Irma's position Wednesday morning. (Source: Live 5)

(WCSC) - Many hardware stores across the Lowcountry are running low on hurricane hardware. Some even sold out of items needed to get you ready for a possible strike by Hurricane Irma.

In a matter of 20 minutes, three people stopped by West Ashley Hardware to get a new propane tank.

"Usually we sell three, four, maybe five-gallon gas cans a month. Now we're selling three to four in an hour. Everything that we get and put on the shelf is going," store manager Claire Curtis said.

The hardware store got an emergency hurricane shipment delivered Wednesday to replenish its stock.

Curtis says there has been a dramatic spike in sales and it's not just propane flying off the shelves.

"Sales have at least quadrupled on any emergency items," Curtis said. "Gas cans, kerosene, lamp oil, batteries, flashlights, sand bags."

Although the exact path of Hurricane Irma is not yet determined, people are preparing for the worst.

"A lot of people were using the holiday as their day to get prepared since they had the day off," Curtis said. "Since Monday it has been busy."

"Getting to it before the mass hysteria sets in," Charleston resident Joseph Hayden said. "Just be ready for anything to happen."

Our Live5 Weather team reports one possible scenario is a hurricane that would compare to Hurricane Hugo.

"I've been through Hugo. It's going to be hot, no power, flooding. Be prepared," Charleston resident Carl Rohling said. "Even though the models say different things, I'm still concerned."

"If nothing else, it gives you a sense of security. You know that you're doing everything you can do," Curtis said.

Governor Henry McMaster has not yet called for any evacuations. He has, however, urged residents to prepare for the worst-case scenario.