Tri-County emergency officials prepared, ready for possible impacts from Hurricane Irma

Tri-County emergency officials prepared, ready for possible impacts from Hurricane Irma

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Emergency officials from Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties held a presser Friday afternoon telling the public they are ready for any possible impacts from Hurricane Irma and residents should be too.

"We've been here, we've done this before," said Charleston County Councilman Vic Rawl."And if we have to do it again, we will be prepared."

However, the Lowcountry is not completely out of the cone of uncertainty, a wide swath that extends more than 100 miles east or west of the primary red line many people focus on when a new update is released.

Charleston County Emergency Director Cathy Haynes stressed Lowcountry residents to not let their guard down, continue to monitor local media and continue preparations.

"Advisories could change drastically," Haynes said."An example of that was the track from last night. Please do not let your guard down."

Jay Byars for Dorchester County said residents who do stay should be prepared for the possibility for days without power.

Hannah Moldenhauer says Berkeley County is anticipating going to OPCON Level 1 on Saturday.

The common theme from the presser was that the Lowcountry "was not out of the woods yet."


Charleston County emergency officials are urging residents to be ready when and if the governor issues an evacuation order.

"We are still progressing on as if we are going to feel the brunt of this storm," Haynes said."We are ready to go."

Haynes is encouraging residents to continue preparations like readying a supply kit and knowing your evacuation routes for your area.


Byars said crews have cleared out 60 miles of ditches in preparation for impacts in Dorchester from Irma.

In addition sandbags were provided to residents, and he expects more sandbags will be available to residents.

Byars stressed that if a curfew were to be in place that residents abide by it and take it seriously.

He also warned residents who were staying that there may a possibility of homes without power for days.

"We may still see some events that put you of power," Byars said.


"It's not time to breathe a sigh of relief just yet," Moldenhauer said.

Moldenhauer anticipated that the county would go to OPCON Level 1 on Saturday.

She said that residents who live in low lying areas are urged to relocate.

Fifth-thousand sandbags have been distributed over a three-day period.

"We are hoping that [Irma's track] will continue to shift but we are preparing for otherwise," Moldenhauer said.

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