Florida Evacuees find safety in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many Florida evacuees have decided to relocate to the Charleston area ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Many of them were in downtown Charleston at The Battery, a popular waterfront destination on Sunday.

Some of the Florida evacuees say when they saw the path of Irma turn West, they thought this was a good place to find safety.

Ten-year old Florida resident, Adriana Vivanco Munive, evacuated to Charleston with her family and cat. They are staying in a hotel.

"We're really happy that God blessed up to come here," she said.

Vijay Agrawal lives in Tampa but has a home in Charleston for work where his family will stay.

"After seeing what has happened there I'm not worried here, but you never know," Agrawal said.

Irma is having a direct impact in Florida while in Charleston you'll feel the effects of it.

Hilton Head residents Shelia and Terry Zatz also came to Charleston after a mandatory evacuation of their Island. They also went through Hurricane Matthew.

"So here's the thing, we moved from Minnesota and they told us they never have hurricanes in Hilton Head and two months after we moved in, we had our first one and now one year later our second one," Terry said.

The Zatz family will be staying in hotel in the North Charleston area.

They along with the others are hoping to return to a home the way they left it.

Officials have warned people in the Charleston area who are in low-lying areas to relocate because they are expecting those areas to flood and they want people to take that seriously.

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