Man rescues elderly woman from submerged car on Johns Island

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston area is seeing some major flooding after feeling the effects of the tropical storm.

Witnesses say an elderly woman was swept away by a current while driving on River Road on Johns Island.

The road was covered to the point where you could no longer see it.

People in the area say the water level began rising rapidly.

Darren Gates rescued the woman by swimming to her car, helping her get out and putting her on his back as he swam to safety.

"I came to the store here to turn around and this lady was trying to drive through this river that was pretty high and I just thought I'd try to get her attention and I was too late for that," Gates said.

"When her car started to wash, me and a couple of other guys, we did what we should have done and that was go in, pull her out of the car and get her to safe ground, and I'm glad she's doing okay."

Francisco Aguayo took video of the rescue and could hear the woman calling for help.

He couldn't swim and lives close by so he called his wife to bring a rope with hopes of pulling her out of the water.

"If it wasn't for him she would have never made it," Aguayo said. "Just the fear of her drowning, you could see her screaming for help. We're out here standing, and thank God the guy...he was able to swim out there and was able to save her, if it wasn't for him she probably would have never made it."

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