Irma brings another round of severe flooding to Shadowmoss neighborhood

Irma brings another round of severe flooding to Shadowmoss neighborhood

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Irma's winds brought another round of severe flooding to a West Ashley neighborhood that's seen too much of it.

Wolk Drive in Shadowmoss is the same street that was flooded during the thousand year flood in 2015 and by Hurricane Matthew last year.

"Here we go again," said resident Sean Wells who got around in a canoe.

Once again, the water was up to the mailboxes and people were trapped and couldn't get out of the neighborhood.

"I've lived here since 1994 and we flooded approximately 14 times, the street's flooded 14 times," said Tim Maull.

"Thirty minutes before it really go  bad I thought okay, we're gonna be alright, it was just in the gutters," Wells said. "Then I looked back and the street was completely flooded an hour later."

"Some people used drastic measures to get to their homes.

They pulled out boards from a fence on Bees Ferry Road to avoid the flooded street.

Mike and Buffy Ruppe have lived on Wolk Drive for three years.

Water did not get into their house, however some of their neighbors weren't as lucky.

"It went through their kitchens, their living rooms," Mike Ruppe said. "These people have restored their houses three times in three years and that's devastating. Now I'm at the mercy of when the water goes down, when we can get out of here."

For others, flooding in this neighborhood is happening too often.

"I'm a very easy going person, but I'm over it," Maull said.

City of Charleston spokesman Jack O'Toole said a study to solve the drainage issue in the Church Creek Basin which includes Shadowmoss should be done by the end of the year.

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