Irma floods Ladson neighborhood with history of flooding issues

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - For some residents of a Ladson neighborhood, the effects of tropical storm Irma felt like a "three-peat."

Tranquil Estates flooded badly during the thousand year flood in 2015 and again during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

"We knew since we flooded the first two times we were bound to flood again but how much we weren't sure," resident Tiffany Kee said.

But they quickly found out how much the neighborhood would flood. The water was high enough to prevent people from driving out of the neighborhood.

Water rose almost up to the mailboxes.

Several folks on Carolina Wren Drive couldn't get out of the neighborhood after the street was turned into a lake.

"I'm frustrated," Kee said. "I know our neighbors are frustrated as well because now water is getting into homes, they're losing things, mementos, furniture and things like that."

Some say they may leave for good after this latest flood unless Dorchester County can find a fix for them.

"I can't live like this. We can't live like this," resident Michael Tanner said.

Tanner said this time there was no major damage to his house.

"We got it all out of there," he said. "I'm glad we did, learned my lesson from the past, but it's sad that I have to adjust to something like this."

Jerge Perez saw his backyard instantly turn into waterfront property. Perez says Irma left three feet of water behind his house.

"My dream that I planned for years at this point, it's like sad for me working for everything to get to this point," he said.

A Dorchester County Fire-Rescue vehicle drove through the neighborhood to see if anybody needed help Tuesday morning. Folks here do want help from the county to fix the flooding problem.

No one lost a car to the flood waters because many were able to move their vehicles to higher ground before the storm hit.

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