DHEC encouraging residents to report Tropical Storm Irma damage

DHEC encouraging residents to report Tropical Storm Irma damage

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is encouraging residents and officials to report Tropical Storm Irma damage to the agency and local building officials.

"Damage to beachfront structures, including seawalls, revetments, and walkovers, can be reported using DHEC's MyCoast web and mobile application," DHEC officails said."This information will assist the agency in prioritizing post-disaster damage assessment and coordination with coastal counties and municipalities."

DHEc is also advising property owners should also report damage to structures, including homes, to local building officials.

DHEC has established a Coastal Permitting Information Line (803-898-8192) to address questions regarding repairs and maintenance for structures in the critical areas of South Carolina following Tropical Storm Irma.

Specific issues or questions for DHEC staff may be directed to this line.

"DHEC has issued blanket emergency orders to local governments to allow property owners along the immediate beachfront to conduct minor renourishment, sand scraping or install sandbags to provide temporary protection to beachfront structures from wave uprush," DHEC officials said."These orders are effective 60 days from the date of signature on September 06, 2017. If after that time, a structure is still considered in imminent danger, property owners may request an individual emergency order from the department to extend the time for protection."

DHEC has also issued an emergency order for marine debris removal to allow the general public to remove boats and debris from the critical area(s) of the state using all best practices and measures. The public should report waterway debris, including vessels and structures, to their local emergency management officials at the county or municipal level.

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