Georgetown recovering after Irma-related flooding

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Front Street in Georgetown received significant flooding Monday related to Hurricane Irma.

"We definitely were prepared for it," Kevin Jayroe said.

He owns Bienvenue Home on Front Street. Typically, his store floods with any major rainfall.

"Normally what happens to us is most of our issue is with rainwater coming through the back of our buildings," Jayroe said."Most of us on this side of the street have it flood and fill up our shops. When I came in and there was no water I was relieved. I think the rains held off majorly here."

Jayroe says the damage was seen across the road near Orange Street.

Fortunately, damage from this particular storm system was minimal.

"The streets will flood but it doesn't normally come into the building," Castaway's Bar & Grill employee Ashley Forbes said. "There's a little bit of mud and water on the floor and some flooring is popping up from the water getting under it."

"There were a couple inches of water that came in because of the river out back," Jennifer Baker-Cohen said.

She owns Hand Design Massage & Bodywork on Orange Street.

"The damage is not as bad as it was for the last two floods," Baker-Cohen said."I'm very blessed. I just had to take things out so I could clean."

All three say the shops on Front Street are a family.

"6 a.m. is when I first started hearing the leaf blowers going," Jayroe said. "Crews were out getting streets reopened and people were pressure washing and getting all the debris out. Everyone watches over the other. We're a community that if anyone needs help, we're there at that moment."

"Several different people have come in saying if you need any help to let them know," Forbes said. "They pick up a mop and mop, too."

"Everyone checks on you all the time, absolutely," Baker-Cohen said.

The majority of shops on Front Street are back open for business.

The rest plan to be within a day or two.

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