Edisto Beach opens with limited access after effects from Irma

EDISTO BEACH, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Edisto Beach residents now have access to their homes as of 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

This comes after an evacuation order for the town ahead of Tropical Storm Irma.

Town officials are also allowing two people from each business and each property management agency to re-enter.

They should bring their ID and proof of residence or business affiliation.

Sand is covering roads, some roads are still flooded and there's no power.

There's about one to two feet of sand covering Palmetto Blvd.

Edisto Beach Mayor Jane Darby says they put in protective sand dunes after Hurricane Matthew last year.

On Monday, they were washed away by Irma's impact.

She says things would have been worse had they not had the extra barrier.

"It's disheartening at first but you know what, we took care of Matthew and we will take care of this, and fortunately Irma was a much nicer Hurricane than Matthew," Darby said.

The police chief for Edisto Beach, George Brothers, says this storm involved more water while Matthew had more wind and more damage.

There were six people and one dog rescued during the storm.

Though most people listened to the evacuation order, there were people who stayed.

"People in the car came driving through the high water, it was about two feet deep at that time. And the car stalled out so we had to go get them out of the car. They didn't want to get out of the car, but we had to convince them." Brothers said.

He urges residents to follow evacuations order in the future.

Officials want residents to know to bring water and food for several days if they plan on staying until local stores are opened.

The water was shut off on Tuesday for repairs, followed by a boil water advisory.

Beach officials say golf carts must be unplugged immediately and moved from under the house because of fire dangers.

They warn that residents might have to park in dry areas and walk to their homes.

Signs will be posted for areas that are closed. They don't want anyone to enter standing water.

Accessible areas will have garbage pick-up on Wednesday.

The Red Cross will have cleaning supplies and water at Bay Creek Park.

Officials ask that no one schedules any repairs on contractor visits until after 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

They also want residents to conserve water and restrict flushing unless necessary. They are repairing the pump stations and the wells.

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