West Ashley communities deal with flooding for third straight year

West Ashley communities deal with flooding for third straight year

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Irma made its way through the Lowcountry Monday, leaving behind flooded roads and homes.

On Tuesday night, West Ashley communities were in clean up mode and receding mode as they wait for the waters to go down.

"We're kind of stranded here for the moment until the water recedes," Mellissa Spaulding said.

The Spaulding family lives along Church Creek and said this is the third year they've seen flooding, but the first year the waters came up as quick as it did.

"I didn't expect quite the surge the speed in which the water came. The water rose in 15, 20 minutes it seemed like," Spaulding said.

Down the street in the Springfield neighborhood, more families are cleaning up debris from the water lines that were left in their yards.

"This is the worst I've seen it," Dorothy Campbell said as her son and grandson tried to clean up her property.

Some people living with flooded streets said it's only been the last three years their community has looked like this.

"It's only been this way for the last three years," Kathy Andrews said, "I've lived here 18 years and only the last three years we've been flooded."

"All this construction in West Ashley is blocking the natural tributaries and tidal creeks for West Ashley," Andrews said. "They're building right on top of them and there's nowhere for the water to go. So all the floods are backing up in the tidal creeks, in the river, and into properties."

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenberg spoke on Tuesday about the clean up efforts, stating the Church Creek Basin area is dealing with flooding.

Tecklenberg also said the city has work to do in the area and they are looking at studying different solutions.

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