Isle of Palms sees significant erosion following Irma

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCSC) - The Isle of Palms has a different view Wednesday than before Irma washed ashore.

The beaches were left with erosion and destruction.

Frequent beachgoers said they saw erosion last October after Hurricane Matthew, but say what they see after Irma is definitely worse.

Many piers are also destroyed, causing some public accesses to be inaccessible.

"Just last week it was a gradual walk right out to the beach now you have to jump off the thing," Kurt Walter said about the piers.

For those who saw the beach after Hurricane Matthew, they said this year's erosion had more of an impact.

Despite all the changes the beach has seen since Irma washed ashore, the people who are checking out the damage said it could have been worse.

Beachgoers say the damage is disappointing locally, but say it's still minor compared to the destruction Irma caused all through the Caribbean and Florida.

Despite erosion, the beach is still open to the public.

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