Charleston woman who survived Irma in St. Maartin returns home

Harriet Grady returned home Wednesday night. (Source: Live 5)
Harriet Grady returned home Wednesday night. (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston woman is back home after going through a nightmare during the worst of Hurricane Irma.

Harriett Grady walked off a plane to meet her family at the Charleston International Airport Wednesday night and it was easy to see the look of happiness on her face amid the cheers and applause was genuine.

She said she was so happy to be back in the Holy City that she had butterflies in her stomach when she got off the plane.

It was a very different feeling than the terror she felt during the storm.

"No one really knows what it's like to be hit in the face with a Category 5," Grady said.

Grady was trapped in a bathroom while the world around her was being destroyed by Irma. At that moment, Irma was a Category 5 hurricane.

"We had no idea during the eye of the storm when we came out that everything would be gone but that bathroom," she said.

She and five other people were living in that bathroom for a couple of days.

"From living in a bathroom for a  couple days in a shower stall during Irma to not having a roof for a day and night and then moving into a one bedroom with five people," she recalls. "We ran out of food, we ran out of water. We had no running water or power. At least we had a roof we had a flooded floor but we swept that water out and then we were afraid Jose would come and we were right on the water."

She said she couldn't be happier to be back home.

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