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NWS: Short-lived tornado confirmed to have formed in Mt. Pleasant during Irma

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A weak, short-lived tornado is confirmed to have formed in Mount Pleasant during Irma, according to the National Weather Service.

On Monday at approximately 7:13 p.m. a tornado measuring EF0, on the Enhanced Fujita scale, was detected. The time of the tornado was estimated using eye witness reports and radar data.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado formed in the Oak Haven Plantation of Mount Pleasant.

A weak, short-lived tornado, associated with an outer rainband of Tropical Storm Irma, formed over the marsh area between Mount Pleasant and Sullivan`s Island. The weak tornado first moved into the south end of Pine Island View Road, then moved quickly north-northwest over the eastern ends of Oak Landing Road and Green Path Lane, before dissipating back on Pine Island View Road, according to the NWS.

The tornado had wind speeds of approximately 80 miles per hour and had a path of 90 yards.

The tornado was estimated to have lasted only about two minutes before dissipating.

Although no significant structural damage was observed, there were many large tree limbs down, some uprooted trees, and one wooden fence completely blown down.

No one was injured during the tornado, according to the NWS.

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