N. Charleston woman displaced from home after tree branch creates leak in house

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston woman is displaced from her home after part of tree fell on her roof during Tropical Storm Irma.

It created a hole and is causing leaks.

Ava Evans says she's been living in her North Charleston home for six months and was there on Monday when the large tree branch fell on top of her house.

"A big bang and [it sounded] like a car the hit the house, then I jump up and I saw the tree on there, everybody bamming on my door say you got to get out," Evans said.

She was in her bedroom at the time and is thankful it didn't come all the way through.

"Then the maintenance man told me I had to leave," Evans said.

The problem is she had nowhere to go.

She says she paid $750 dollars worth of rent this month., most of her food has gone bad and her budget is tight. Evans also spent the last few nights in a hotel. She got power back at her home yesterday and visits during the day.

"I come every morning, make sure nobody broke in my house and then I sit a little while," Evans said.

She relies on others for transportation and it's difficult for her to walk around, but what's carrying her through?

"Faith over fear," Evans said.

It's written on her shirt.

"That means pray, that's all I do is pray," she said.

While she's not sure when the hole will be fixed or sure of her next move, she trusts God.

"I went through a lot so I know it's the Lord," Evans said.

The Red Cross is assisting Evans. If you or someone you know needs assistance call 211 for resources.

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