Texas-born SC woman gives back to hometown

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Lowcountry is continuing to clean up what Irma left behind.

Homes are still flooded and some towns still inaccessible.

But as we continue our clean up efforts here, so are people in Texas.

One woman has seen hurricanes strike both of her homes in just two weeks.

Looking at Dawn Verdecia you can see she's a proud Texan. She was born and raised in Vidor, Texas.

"[It's] one of those little hometowns where everyone knows everybody," Verdecia said.

But she now calls the Lowcountry home.

"We moved here last year," Verdecia said.

Both areas are close to the coast, and both seeing impacts from hurricanes over just two weeks.

"To see so much devastation so close physically close to here and close to my heart back home that's like... you just want to scream," Verdecia said.

She was in Charleston when the area got remnants from Irma, but she couldn't be in Vidor when Harvey took everything she knew.

"When I saw everything that was gone, it was gone, there was no more town it was just water... just water," Verdecia said.

As she watched the tragedy unfold on TV, her heart was down in Texas.

"They see their friends living in tents in their front yards because there's nothing," Verdecia said.

So in the midst of Irma aftermath in Charleston, her friends and neighbors in the Foxbank Community came together for people who couldn't be helped.

"I honestly wasn't expecting as much as we got. I really wasn't," Verdecia said.

The original plan was to fill up the back of a car to take to Texas, but from the overwhelming support from her neighbors Verdecia now has enough to fill up a UHaul.

"The love that this neighborhood has shown me and my town has just been beyond words," Verdecia said.

This proves that a community that sees devastation in their own backyard is still helping strangers who live states away.

Verdecia's mother is heading back to Texas Friday morning.

All of the donations gathered by her neighbors will go to churches in Vidor, Texas.

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