Newly-released 911 calls shed light on Virginia's on King shooting

Newly-released 911 calls shed light on Virginia's on King shooting

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The 911 calls from the restaurant shooting at Virginia's on King sheds light on what happened during a hours-long hostage standoff.

Burns was shot by Charleston Police after a hostage standoff, according to Interim Police Chief Jerome Taylor. Burns was transported
to MUSC for treatment where he remains.

The restaurant's executive chef, 37-year-old Anthony Shane Whiddon, of Goose Creek, died after being shot by the alleged gunman.

Whiddon was the executive chef at Virginia's on King Street where the incident took place. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

In the 911 calls, you can hear the hours-long phone call with a hostage and a 911 operator.

"We have an ex-employee with a gun in our restaurant," a Virginia's on King manager told dispatch.

John Aquino, one of the representatives of the group that owns the restaurant, said the victim was a chef at the restaurant and said the gunman was a former dishwasher.

The manager was hiding in an upstairs room while the alleged gunman was downstairs, and also trying to break in and get the manager.

"He's outside the door he's outside the door upstairs," the manager said. In the call, you can hear the alleged gunman banging on the door and trying to get inside. "He's trying to kick the door in, okay."

Dispatch responded and also advised him to keep calm and quiet.

The manager told dispatch he could also hear the alleged gunman say he wanted to die, "He says he's not going back to jail, he's gonna die today. He said he will die today," the manager said he heard from upstairs.

While the manager was in the closed room, he kept asking dispatch for updates on his chef.

"Do you know how my chef is?" the manager asked.

"We have amazing medics that are working with your chef right now and doing everything they can," Dispatch responded.

At one point, the manager was scared the alleged gunman would shoot through the door.

"He says someone's locked in the office. He said let me in there. He said he's gonna shoot through the door. He said he's gonna shoot through the door," the manager told dispatch.

During the call police was also working with dispatch to get information and also advise the manager what to do.

Through the 911 call, you can hear that the manager was able to get out of the building safely when SWAT entered.

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